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A while back, I was given an assignment to write a two minute persuasive speech asking for my opinion on something. There was a list of topics to choose from and I picked a good one... "Should stem cell researchers be able to use stem cells from aborted babies to cure diseases". This was my speech.....

    "Science is always progressing. Every year something new is discovered, new medicines are made, and we come a step closer to curing diseases and ailments that have been harmful to us since their existance. Science and medicine have prolonged our lifespan and improved the quality of said lifespan. As a society, we should dedicate as much time and money into scientific research as possible, if not for the betterment of society, at least for the betterment of our own personal lives. Sadly, society isn't that practical. Too many Americans thwart the efforts of medical progressivism. Too many Americans wish for certain aspects of medical research to cease entirely! What I am refering to, or course, is stem cell research.
    In 1998, scientists discovered that stem cells could be manipulated to perform the functions of fully developed cells and even replace non-functioning, dead cells. This has enormous potential and nearyl endless possibilities! By using said stem cells, one could rebuild bone marrow or muscle tissue lost by either injury or disease. But if stem cells are so useful, then why do so many people protest their use? This is because our source of stem cells comes from aborted human fetuses. Right-wing nut jobs think they are saving the planet by not allowing doctors to 'kill babies'. However, the thought that abortion is baby-killing is completely inaccurate. The fact is that 92% of abortions happen within the first trimester of pregnancy when the fetus is barely developed and without any cognitive function. Medically speaking, it is not a human life, thus is not baby-killing. Not to mention that stem cell researchers do not abort the fetuses themselves, but recieve donated fetuses from abortion clinics.
    Let me ask this. Which would we rather have; aborted fetuses being discarded carelessly, or being used to help cure diseases? In conclusion, being anti-stem cell research is helping no one. In fact, it is detrimental to human progress. We must not cling to fetuses, but instead we must cling to science."

It was funny, because I got a 100 on the essay and got a note saying "Good use of logic" written on the paper XD


United States


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